Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball 2010: Auctions! Live scoring! Pony rides!

OK, no, there aren't actually going to be pony rides. That was a lie. Apologies. (Pretty sure CBS offers 'em, if this no-pony situation is a dealbreaker for you). Let's talk about a few of the free perks we do offer when you register for Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball 2010:

• Live scoring. Yup, that's right: It's free. $0. Live stats will appear at no cost. For whatever reason, users seem to prefer this pricing strategy over the $9.99 model.

• Acquisition budgets. Gamers now have the option to replace the traditional waiver process with FAAB-style blind bidding, which is arguably a fairer way to distribute un-owned talent. Managing FAAB dollars is an art. You're encouraged to try it.

• iPhone application. Honestly, this one has very little direct impact on me, since I prefer to use a man's phone. But it's nice to know that various leaguemates will have easy access to trade offers at all times, and thus no excuse for sitting on deals.

And now for the most exciting enhancement:

• Auction leagues. Finally, we're auction-enabled. You're free from the tyranny of serpentine drafts! (Although of course we offer those, too). In auction formats, every owner in your league will have the opportunity to acquire every name in the player pool. The auction room will look familiar…

…but you'll nominate players and place bids while a clock ticks.

We'll have plenty of time in the weeks ahead to discuss auction strategy – end-game spending, bid-jumping, varying cadence, etc. – but for now, please just know that auctions are available, they're free, and they're spectacular.

Sign up. Game on. For additional information on other new game features, click here. Blog leagues forming soon…


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