Woe unto those facing Drew Brees in Week 7

Roto Arcade

Every Saints game has shootout potential, for obvious reasons. The New Orleans offense is ridiculously productive and the team's defense is astonishingly generous. It's an ideal setup for fantasy scoring, basically.

Thus, no one should be surprised to see Drew Brees deliver a fantasy line like this:

Still, you have to be impressed by the fact that Brees put up those numbers in the first half at Tampa Bay.

That's obscene. (Maybe not as obscene as that lady who called Fantasy Football Live on Sunday, but still pretty obscene). Brees connected with four different receivers on the touchdown passes (Colston, Sproles, Morgan, Thomas). The Bucs defense entered the week ranked No. 31 in the league against the pass, and they'll probably leave at No. 32.

If you're facing Brees in fantasy, um ... well, good luck. This might not be your week, gamer. Let's hope you didn't also face Aaron Rodgers in Week 6, because that would be a brutal back-to-back. Feel free to complain about your rotten fantasy luck in comments...

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