What's your level of concern, Jean Segura owner?

What's your level of concern, Jean Segura owner?
What's your level of concern, Jean Segura owner?

Milwaukee shortstop Jean Segura has opened the 2014 season in much the same way that he finished in 2013. That is to say, he's hitting poorly. Segura is just 17-for-73 at the moment (.233) with four extra-base hits (no homers). He's drawn only one walk in 17 games, and he's been caught stealing in four of his seven attempts.

Not good, friends. Not good at all.

You might recall that Segura was a second-half bust last year, giving us a post-break slash-line of .241/.268/.315 and homering just once. He was a beast in the first two months last season — he hit .367 in April, then .345 in May — but he's been Alcides Escobar-ish ever since.

On Monday, Brewers manager Ron Roenicke dropped Segura from second to seventh in the batting order, and it's tough to argue with the move. Segura has pretty much been an out-machine to this point. Perhaps more concerning is the fact that he's also been a grounder machine, leading the majors in groundball percentage (76.7) by a fair margin. He ranks near the bottom of the league in line-drive percentage (13.3), too.

So it would be fair to say that Segura isn't making great contact lately, plus he isn't coaxing walks. You never like to see your N.L. hitters batting in the bottom-third of a lineup, but, again, Segura has played his way into this predicament.

Long term, I still find it easy to be a Segura supporter. We're talking about a 24-year-old who swiped 44 bags last year while giving us double-digit homers (not that power was ever a big part of the projection). He was a .313 career hitter in the minors, and he excelled in the upper levels. He has his virtues, no question. And it's not meaningless that he strung together a bunch of excellent weeks at the start of 2013 — he gets full credit for that performance.

But these past few months have been kinda dreadful. So there's a certain level of near-panic among Segura owners. You drafted him early, thinking you'd get a 3-category shortstop. I get it. You can't dump your shares now, because you'll take a huge loss.

Let's hear from commenters who've either traded for Segura recently, or who've dealt him away. What's the market look like?

This particular blog post is more like a workshop than a lecture. I've got Segura problems of my own, and I'm looking for a support group.

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