The Week 9 users guide to generous Ds

Hey, look! It's a picture of somebody running away from a bunch of slow, crestfallen Chiefs. There's something you don't see every....

Oh, wait. Actually, we do see that every week.

Last Sunday it was LenDale White, and this Sunday it's Leon Washington. In Week 9, it's going to be Earnest Graham. In Week 10, it's going to be LaDainian Tomlinson and/or Darren Sproles. Then in Week 11, it will be whichever Saints back is un-injured and un-suspended.

Kansas City has allowed an astonishing 196.9 rushing yards per game and 5.6 per carry. Through seven games, they've somehow allowed 12 different backs to exceed 50 rushing yards. It's tough to overstate how miserable their run defense has been.

It's also tough to overstate how odd it was that the Jets chose to run only 24 times against the Chiefs on Sunday. Washington received just six touches, but he converted them into 101 yards and two touchdowns. As Scott mentioned in the Monday Brunch, New York may want to consider giving that guy a few more opportunities.

But we're not here to discuss underutilized players. Instead, we're here to look at the league's most user-friendly Ds. Here are the usual Tuesday spreadsheets, with a few observations and recommendations...

You'll notice that over the next two weeks, the Cardinals, Dolphins and Jaguars have outstanding match-ups. If you're the owner of a 3-5 team that has absolutely no margin for error, then you're targeting guys like Kurt Warner, Ronnie Brown and Maurice Jones-Drew via trade. And if you're covering a bye week with waiver adds, then you're looking at Steve Breaston (52 percent-owned), Ted Ginn Jr. (24), Chad Pennington (45), Greg Camarillo (14) and Reggie Williams (19), depending on the league specs.

We should also note that Miami and St. Louis -- two teams that few of us have invested in -- have inviting schedules in Weeks 15 and 16. Pennington and the 43 percent-owned Marc Bulger could be extremely useful in the fantasy playoffs. If Donnie Avery is still a free agent in your league, add him. And try to find a more competitive league next season.

More data, mavericks...

Kyle Orton, Greg Olsen and Matt Forte will all rank in the top 10 at their positions this week. Brandon Lloyd (knee) may return to face the Lions, but perhaps not at full strength. Devin Hester is also expected back, and there's been speculation that offensive coordinator Ron Turner has a Wildcat fetish.

While we're discussing the Bears, let's also mention that their pass defense hasn't been great (obviously), but they're probably just visiting the bottom five. The yardage number is high, but Chicago opponents are averaging 41.0 pass attempts per game. That's the biggest number in the league, and Brian Griese's obscene workload in Week 3 is the reason (67 pass attempts, 407 yards). The Bears also have 10 interceptions and a relatively low opponents' completion percentage. Don't pick on them too aggressively.

Denver, however, should be abused by fantasy owners. They were a bad defense even when Boss Bailey (IR, knee) and Champ Bailey (groin) were healthy. With those two out, expect the Broncos to be much worse.


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