Week 10 Booms and Busts: Justin Forsett, journeyman jackpot

There were many interesting names on the Ravens' running back depth chart to open the year. Ray Rice was the veteran, Bernard Pierce the intriguing holdover, Lorenzo Taliaferro the semi-buzzy rookie.

So, of course, the man saving Baltimore's bacon is 29-year-old journeyman Justin Forsett.

Forsett's kicked around a bit, moving from Indianapolis to Seattle to Houston to Jacksonville before Baltimore signed him this year. At 5-foot-8 and 197 pounds, he's really a scatback, a speciality player. But the Ravens have decided Forsett can be used in a featured role, too.

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The shifty veteran carried the load in Sunday's 21-7 victory over Tennessee, logging 20 rushes for 112 yards and a couple of touchdowns.The Ravens could have given Forsett a charity third score in the final minute, but they opted to kneel on the ball and get the game over with. Forsett's final attempt was a 37-yard jaunt, stopped at the Titans' 2-yard line.

The busy afternoon pushed Forsett to 133 carries for the year, a career high (he's averaging 5.4 yards a tote). His busiest years in Seattle landed in the 114 and 118-carry area. Baltimore probably doesn't want to run Forsett into the ground, but desperate teams can't be choosy. Rice obviously isn't with the team any longer, and Pierce (8-31-0) and Taliaferro (3-10-0) had ordinary games Sunday.

Baltimore gets a week off to savor the victory; the next assignment comes at New Orleans two weeks from Monday. Nothing easy about that assignment, but Forsett deserves to stick in everyone's lineup until further notice. The out-of-nowhere stars are fun to follow. Forsett will go down as one of the best fantasy pickups of 2014.


In other Week 10 Booms (early games):

-- Dez Bryant, WR, Cowboys: Talent is a wonderful thing, especially when you mix it with someone who desperately wants to be great. Bryant unleashed fury on the Jaguars, scoring two freak-of-nature touchdowns (35 yards, 68 yards) en route to a 158-yard day. Jolly good show, bloke. Tony Romo's back didn't seem to bother him one bit.

-- Mike Evans, WR, Buccaneers: The dog-and-pony show in Tampa Bay hasn't held the rookie back. Evans posted a snappy 7-125-1 line on nine targets in the loss to Atlanta, showing the ability to win on short, intermediate and deep routes. I don't care who's throwing Evans the ball, he's a fast-arriving superstar.

-- Carlos Hyde, RB, 49ers: He only touched the ball four times, but he had 36 yards and a score over that limited appearance. And take note that Hyde, not Frank Gore, was handling the rock during the critical overtime moments at New Orleans. A changing of the guard might not be far off. Hyde is surprisingly unowned in 67 percent of Yahoo leagues. There's a monstrous upside here.


Other Boomers (early games): Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate, Martavis Bryant (every minute counts), Brandin Cooks, Jimmy Graham, Anquan Boldin.

And now for some Week 10 Busts (early games):

-- Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Steelers: Thank the fantasy gods for garbage time - Big Ben collected 343 yards on 43 attempts in a shocking loss to the Jets, including an 80-yard touchdown pass to Martavis Bryant with 1:16 left in the fourth quarter. But for most of the day the sizzling Steelers were utterly clueless against a Jets defense the rest of the league has picked on. Some outlier NFL results simply don't make any sense. Pittsburgh will look to rebound against the hapless Titans next week.

-- Charles Sims, RB, Bucs: His long-awaited NFL debut left everyone cold - eight carries, 23 yards, one fumble lost. He had a couple of catches, one in the game's final minute. The good news: Bobby Rainey went nowhere (2.3 yards a pop) on his six carries.


-- Sammy Watkins, WR, Bills: It's just about impossible to make calls on injured fantasy stars; sometimes all you can do is plug them in and hope for the best. Watkins was held to a 4-27-0 line against Kansas City (on ten targets), limited to decoy work for most of the afternoon. He certainly didn't look 100 percent to me.

-- Travis Kelce, TE, Chiefs: Kansas City keeps winning, so we'll have to live with Kelce's maddening underuse. He saw just two targets in the win at Buffalo, catching them both and collecting 19 yards. Andy Reid and Alex Smith, you're killing us.

-- Vernon Davis, TE, 49ers: The San Francisco passing game had some nifty moments, but Davis remains on a milk carton (1-8-0, four targets). Tight end isn't especially deep this year, but it's still difficult to trust Davis on a week-to-week basis.

Other Busts (early games): Lamar Miller, Steve Smith, Ryan Tannehill, Toby Gerhart, Terrance Williams, Joe Flacco, (this spot saved for Rueben Randle).

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