Turmoil and uncertainty in the quarterback market


It's clear that if Jim Brown were coaching his former team instead of advising it, the Cleveland Browns would start Brady Quinn in Week 4.

These were his comments to the Plain Dealer:

"If we try Brady this week, it's a change of pace. Why not have a change of pace that might bring you a spark? And if he doesn't cut it, we can bring the other guy back."

Presumably, if Brown were the head coach, Jamal Lewis would also get a few more carries -- he only had 12 in Week 3 and he's not happy about it -- and the offense wouldn't be so strangely Phil Dawson-dependent.

Romeo Crennel has openly discussed the possibility of Quinn starting at Cincinnati. When things like that happen, you have to assume that a change is inevitable...but it's not happening this week. At least not in the first series.

More from the Plain Dealer:

Derek Anderson will start at quarterback against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday and Brady Quinn will be ready, Browns coach Romeo Crennel announced today.

Anderson's next pick could be his last, so you really have to avoid him in most formats, despite the match-up.

In other quarterback news, it sounds like the Tyler Thigpen era is near its end, and the fourth reign of Damon Huard is upon us.

Matt Schaub is on a short leash, too, as this Houston Chronicle piece makes clear:

There’s no sugarcoating how Schaub has played. He was terrible. In both games.

“I’ve got to play better,” he said. “I’ve got to step up and play better.”

Andre Johnson did him no favors in Week 3. Maquoketa's Sage Rosenfels should get a look if when Schaub struggles badly at Jacksonville.

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