Trent Richardson is apparently feeling much better

Roto Arcade

Trent Richardson burned many of us last week, rushing for just eight yards on eight carries in a friendly match-up (at Indy), then sitting out the final two quarters. But he seems to have recovered sufficiently from his rib injury, because T-Rich is off to a tremendous start in Week 8.

Richardson's first 15 carries against the Chargers have yielded 86 yards and this long, highlight-quality touchdown run. He shrugged off an Atari Bigby hit on his 26-yard TD, then rumbled into the end zone.

Good to have you back, rook.

The weather is messy in Cleveland, as you'll note in the image on the right, with both points and yards at a premium. Let's hope you don't need a big number from anyone playing in the muck. Our quarterbacks are just 11-for-21, with 84 combined passing yards.

It's also worth noting that Ryan Mathews has lost a fumble today, the 12th time he's put a football on the ground in his 31 career games. Norv can't be pleased, but at least Mathews hasn't been pulled from the game (yet).

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