Have you traded Brandon Jackson yet? If so, whadya get?


By now, everyone knows the Brandon Jackson(notes) story. Or at least you know the piece of the story that involves your fantasy football team.

Jackson has been the buzziest add in our game, because he's suddenly a featured running back in an elite offense. His short-term setup is outstanding, as the Packers are about to face a series of unintimidating run defenses: Buffalo in Week 2, Chicago in Week 3, Detroit in Week 4. Green Bay head coach Mike McCarthy has expressed total confidence in his new No. 1 back, and Jackson himself has said, "I will seize the moment."

There's a lot to like here, no doubt.

But it's entirely possible that we haven't devoted enough attention to Jackson's flaws. After all, this is a guy who's averaged just 3.9 yards per carry for the Packers, he's never had a 100-touch season in the NFL, and he never had a 200-carry season at Nebraska.

Sure, I liked Jackson well enough to make a series of $80 FAAB bids, but that doesn't mean I can't imagine a scenario in which he fails to impress. There's a non-trivial chance that his fantasy value will peak in September.

In one of my leagues, Jackson was added via waivers on Wednesday morning, then traded for Dwayne Bowe(notes) on Friday. That's really not such a bad haul for a player with Jackson's resume. Or maybe it's not enough of a haul for a player with Jackson's opportunity. Mr. Pianowski apparently offered Shonn Greene(notes) for Jackson, and was quickly rejected. We're all still learning the market.

I'm currently a Jackson owner in five leagues (drafted in two, added in three), but I'd be willing to reduce my exposure. Make me an offer. And if you've already dealt our game's most popular waiver claim, let's hear what you received in return. Please share your story in comments. Don't be bashful. We're a welcoming community…


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