Tom Brady is doing Tom Brady things in London

No, he isn't shopping for Gabicci cardigans at Stuarts. At least not today. Instead, Brady is piling up stats at Wembley Stadium, where the Patriots are pounding the Rams.

With 11:20 still remaining in the fourth quarter, Brady is already up to 304 passing yards and four scores. He's been aided by this ridiculous 25-yard Rob Gronkowski grab, as well as a pair of Brandon Lloyd touchdown catches. Lloyd only has two receptions on the day, but he's made the most of 'em. Gronk is over 100 yards, plus he's given us Sunday's best TD celebration (so well-executed that even Phil Simms understood it!)

The Pats are pummeling St. Louis, 45-7, and they've rolled up 445 total yards. Stevan Ridley and Shane Vereen have rushed for scores, with Ridley topping 100 yards. It's been a quiet day for Wes Welker (5-for-38), but pretty much every other New England skill player has given us a useful day. Let's hope you stuck with Lloyd, despite his multi-drop performance in Week 7.

Sam Bradford has been productive, completing 23 of his first 29 throws for 205 yards and one score (another long Chris Givens catch), but it won't be nearly enough.

Brady owners, feel free to tell us about your geniusness in comments...