Tip Drill: Roaming the outfield

Here's a look at all the outfield-eligible players that look ownable in a mixed league right now. What's happened on the field to this point is merely an audition; what's below, in theory, would be my cheat-sheet if I had a new draft tonight. Players at the same cost are essentially even, and assume a 5x5 format, as always.

Next week we'll go back to the mound and figure out the maddening pitchers. Your respectful and intelligent disagreement is welcome in the comments, as always.

$31 Ryan Braun
$31 Carl Crawford(notes)
$26 B.J. Upton(notes)
$26 Carlos Lee(notes)
$25 Raul Ibanez(notes)
$24 Matt Kemp(notes)
$24 Curtis Granderson(notes)
$24 Ichiro(notes)

It's kind of an odd construction at the top, but we've seen more injuries and potholes than usual with the big-ticket items. … The Phillies took a lot of guff when they threw that big contract at Ibanez, but he's been an upgrade over Burrell in every way. Even his defense is better. … If I had a son, I'd tell him to play baseball exactly like Granderson does - smartly, aggressively, happily.

$23 Jason Bay(notes)
$23 Jayson Werth(notes)
$23 Manny Ramirez(notes)
$22 Adam Jones(notes)
$22 Matt Holliday(notes)
$22 Grady Sizemore(notes)
$22 Jacoby Ellsbury(notes)
$21 Nelson Cruz(notes)
$21 Justin Upton(notes)
$21 Bobby Abreu(notes)
$21 Johnny Damon(notes)
$21 Josh Hamilton(notes)
$20 Alex Rios(notes)
$20 Nick Markakis(notes)
$20 Jermaine Dye(notes)

Damon is no longer a buzz player, but there he is, making a five-category contribution again. … I'm a Markakis fan to the point of being an apologist, but we expected more in 2009. He's looking at a 54-point drop in OPB and an 80-point drop in OPS, and he's no longer interested in running much, apparently. … When you make it as a Chicago sports star, 23 is the number you want. Magical things happen for those guys, Dye included. … Rios put on his running shoes when he was dropped to the No. 6 slot in the order; he's stolen 11 bases in 21 games there.

$19 Carlos Beltran(notes)
$19 Brad Hawpe(notes)
$19 Shane Victorino(notes)
$19 Adam Lind(notes)
$18 Torii Hunter(notes)
$17 Nate McLouth(notes)
$17 Andre Ethier(notes)
$17 Ryan Ludwick(notes)
$17 Shin-Soo Choo(notes)
$17 Carlos Quentin(notes)
$17 Adam Dunn(notes)
$17 Alexei Ramirez(notes)
$16 Hunter Pence(notes)
$16 Vernon Wells(notes)
$16 Ben Zobrist(notes)
$15 Alfonso Soriano(notes)
$15 Michael Bourn(notes)

I don't know what to expect from Beltran, you don't know, and worst of all, the Mets don't know. … My Joe Torre rants start with the bullpen and the Matt Kemp slot, but I'd like to see him leave Andre Ethier in the same spot for a while, too. Why not hit him No. 2 in front of Manny and be done with it?. … I feel sorry for anyone who has to watch Adam Dunn play left field on a regular basis. … Teams are walking Albert Pujols(notes) more than ever, and that's fine with Ludwick, cleaning up. He's at .352 the last month with 23 RBIs. … Choo and Victorino aren't the sexiest roto picks going, but you win titles with this kind of sneaky value play. … Bourn is never going to win a batting title, but that shortened swing getting him on base enough to make an impact. There's never been a question about his wheels, of course.

$14 Corey Hart(notes)
$13 Jason Kubel(notes)
$12 Brandon Inge(notes)
$12 Mark DeRosa(notes)
$12 Garrett Jones(notes)
$12 Kendry Morales(notes)
$11 Mike Cameron(notes)
$11 Nyjer Morgan(notes)
$10 Vladimir Guerrero(notes)
$10 Andrew McCutchen(notes)
$9 Denard Span(notes)
$9 Willy Taveras(notes)
$9 Franklin Gutierrez(notes)
$9 Juan Rivera(notes)
$8 Jack Cust(notes)
$8 Felipe Lopez(notes)
$8 Michael Cuddyer(notes)
$8 Scott Podsednik(notes)
$8 Dexter Fowler(notes)

Inge is playing on a bad knee and probably won't be 100 percent until 2010. … I've written enough Garrett Jones praise for one month, you can take over in the comments. … DeRosa has been driving the ball with authority this week, so apparently the wrist is okay. … Gutierrez is having the best roto year almost no one is talking about. He's the No. 8 player in the Yahoo! game over the last month, with this zesty line: .386-16-6-18-4.

$7 Scott Hairston(notes)
$6 Cody Ross(notes)
$5 Garret Anderson(notes)
$5 Nick Swisher(notes)
$5 Milton Bradley(notes)
$5 Jeremy Hermida(notes)
$5 Randy Winn(notes)
$5 Luke Scott(notes)
$5 Marlon Byrd(notes)
$5 Colby Rasmus(notes)
$5 Mark Teahen(notes)
$4 Ryan Garko(notes)
$4 Seth Smith(notes)
$4 Jerry Hairston Jr.(notes)
$4 Aaron Rowand(notes)
$4 Nolan Reimold(notes)
$4 Chris Young
$4 Jeff Francoeur(notes)
$4 David Murphy(notes)
$4 David DeJesus(notes)
$4 Hideki Matsui(notes)

Hairston and Holliday, it was fun while it lasted, Oakland. … Whatever you're doing at the dish, Chris Young, try something different. … I'd go a lot higher on Smith if I knew for sure that he wouldn't get yanked out of the lineup after the first 1-for-13 run. Give him a chance, Jim Tracy.

$3 Brett Gardner(notes)
$3 Nate Schierholtz(notes)
$3 Jay Bruce(notes)
$3 Jonny Gomes(notes)
$3 Kosuke Fukudome(notes)
$3 J.D. Drew(notes)
$3 Gerardo Parra(notes)
$3 Carlos Gomez(notes)
$3 Josh Willingham(notes)
$3 Pat Burrell(notes)
$3 Adam Kennedy(notes)
$2 Skip Schumaker(notes)
$2 Magglio Ordonez(notes)
$2 Matt Diaz(notes)
$2 Delwyn Young(notes)
$2 Jake Fox(notes)
$2 Juan Pierre(notes)
$2 Melky Cabrera(notes)
$2 Carlos Guillen(notes)
$2 Carlos Gonzalez(notes)
$2 Gabe Gross(notes)
$2 Tony Gwynn(notes)
$2 Rajai Davis(notes)
$2 Ryan Church(notes)
$2 Chris Dickerson(notes)
$2 Clete Thomas(notes)
$2 Ben Francisco(notes)
$2 Lastings Milledge(notes)
$2 Fred Lewis(notes)
$2 Gary Sheffield(notes)
$2 Delmon Young(notes)
$2 Steve Pearce(notes)

The Rockies seem to win whenever Gonzalez is on the field, but correlation is not necessarily causation. … Go ahead and buy into a Magglio comeback if you want, but the ship has sailed for me. He's on the wrong side of the platoon, the power probably isn't coming back, and the team probably doesn't want him to make his contract-vesting AB count, though they'll never admit it. … The Bucs say Pearce will get a shot to show he belongs, settling in at first base.

Also Receiving Votes: Gabe Kapler(notes), Jose Guillen(notes), Rick Ankiel(notes), Chase Headley(notes), Ryan Raburn(notes), Will Venable(notes), Laynce Nix(notes), Brandon Moss(notes), Chris Coghlan(notes), Willie Bloomquist(notes)

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