Tip Drill: Postcards from the edge

Some correspondence, love letters and advice as we head into one of the busiest draft weekends of the summer:

For the first time in my fantasy football days, wide receiver is the biggest position of influence for the early rounds, not running back. You better have a couple of alpha dogs in your first four or five picks, there's no substitute for that. Then you can take a few rounds off and return later for some of the upside plays.

If you're drafting online, forget trying to follow along with a cheat sheet off a hard copy. It's been tried many times. It doesn't work.

Keep filling the queue, amigos. The internet is the greatest thing, but you never know when the next hiccup is coming.

The depth at tight end is ridiculous this year. Wait, wait, wait some more, than collect your reward, one of the intriguing options in the 7-12 range.

I don't pay a lot of attention to bye weeks but I do like to steal a little early-season time by using late-bye rounds on my fringe players (tight end and defense especially).

I'd rather golf with someone who's mediocre but fast versus someone who's great and slow. Hit the ball, already.

You can't get a good price on Ray Rice(notes) anymore but at least the insurance is affordable. I'm generally against handcuffing but last night in my hometowner it only cost an 18th-round pick to get Willis McGahee(notes) matched with Rice.

Even if you're keeping your car, you don't want to ever live in an urban area that doesn't have good public transportation.

You have to figure the new Jets regime will use Leon Washington(notes) more this year, but don't forget that offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer was retained from the previous staff.

You might be high on Jay Cutler(notes), but you can go a little higher. His supporting cast is a lot better than people realize.

Trent Edwards(notes) has the skill set to pull this no-huddle thing off. Don't back away from it when the games start, Buffalo. You're going to give defenses fits.

You either have that IDP gene in you or you don't. It's not in me.

A round or two after someone takes the first defense, go and get Minnesota. Trust me. You'll make a profit here.

Cut the commissioner a break. It's a thankless job.

Those Polaroids might be juicy but this has to be the last year for Marvin Lewis in Cincinnati. Right?

I'm starting to come back around on Brian Westbrook(notes). Maybe a 12-14 game slate isn't so bad if you have him on the field for the important games.

Eddie Royal(notes) is the only Bronco I really want (though there's a time and a place for Brandon Stokley(notes) and Jabar Gaffney(notes)). Knowshon Moreno's(notes) inflated price doesn't make sense to me given all the gridlock he's up against. Kyle Orton(notes) hasn't looked good all summer. We used to call Brandon Marshall(notes) a crazy talent, but maybe he's just crazy, period.

It's time for Ari to bail on Entourage and get his own show.

Unless you're getting a ridiculous value on Drew Brees(notes), Tom Brady(notes) or Peyton Manning(notes), just step to the side and play the value game with the next tier of guys.

When in doubt with a new band, try their debut album first.

I'm still not convinced Darren McFadden(notes) can make it happen between the tackles, but he's got the hands to catch 75 balls.