Thursday Dart: Filling the Romeo Void

The Week 8 darts went 2-3 and it easily could have been worse; we appreciate your late heroics, Andrew Luck. So it goes. There's ebb and flow in this game. Looking at a 26-14 mark through eight weeks, let's trudge forward.

Chiefs +8 at Chargers: This game turns into a pick-em version of "would you rather?" Spending three hours tied to a Romeo Crennel team doesn't sound like fun, but go look at the other sideline, find Norv Turner and Co. You have full permission to skip the game if you like. (The NFL, aiming to fill our Romeo Void, also has the Chiefs playing in the Week 10 Monday Nighter at Pittsburgh. I'll never understand why teams need back-to-back games in prime time, but no one consults me on the schedule.)

I know the Chiefs haven't held an in-game lead all year (an amazing stat), I know the quarterback play stinks, and I know OC Brian Daboll isn't doing a good job of unlocking his two playmakers. But let's not make this out to be the 1976 Buccaneers. The Chiefs have outgained five of their seven opponents in 2012 (really difficult to do when you're never ahead of any of them), and last week's Jamaal Charles lockout could actually help this week – the KC coaches might be publicly shamed into using him more. If nothing else, the media outcry provided a slap in the face.

Maybe the Chargers will wake up one of these weeks and paste a non-contending opponent to the wall, 35-7. I need to see it first. I'm not chasing it on spec. Last week's mess in Cleveland didn't inspire confidence and now they're on a short week. Take the points, and keep the faith that Charles will stay involved.

The rest of the Week 9 picks will follow in the next 24 hours. The Redskins will likely be included.

Last Week: 2-3
Season: 26-14
2011: 41-39
2010: 49-34

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