Throwing Darts: Can the Pats ambush Denver on Sunday night?

Five picks against the Yahoo Pickem numbers, that's what we do here. Share your own selections in the comments.

Buccaneers +9 at Lions: Mike Glennon's been a quick study and the Bucs have some weapons on offense - even if Detroit runs out to a big lead, the back door will stay open.

Giants -2.5 vs. Cowboys: Maybe momentum is a garbage theory, but this sure looks like teams headed in different directions. And I love giving less than the standard three with what I think is the better side. When will Jerry Jones realize he's the long-term problem with the Cowboys?

Jets +3.5 at Ravens: Giving New York a big fat mulligan for last week's no-show against a tricky Buffalo opponent. Ray Rice's revival probably stops immediately - you can't run on the Jets. New York's secondary is a different issue, but it's not like the Ravens are overloaded with passing threats. Geno Smith is a dangerous variable, but he's not a turnover giveaway every week.

Raiders +1 vs. Titans: Oakland's backups don't look too bad to me - catch that Rashad Jennings pancake run at Houston? I can't give a spot, even one piddly point, with Ryan Fitzpatrick on the road.

Patriots +2.5 vs. Broncos: Timing is on New England's side here - a home game, a cold game, and catching Denver in the middle of the KC sandwich. The Patriots are also the healthier team, on offense anyway.

-- Last Week: 1-3-1
-- Season: 17-37-1
-- Previous Three Seasons: Very good, but no one cares

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