Throwing Darts: Mike Shanahan returns to Denver

Ten weeks to try to bail out this mess. Here we go.

Redskins +12.5 at Broncos: Washington can move the ball and score, we all see that - especially with Robert Griffin III back at full throttle. Peyton Manning has a couple of sore ankles, and the Denver offense hasn't looked quite as unstoppable the last two weeks.

Patriots -6.5 vs. Dolphins: Brady and Belichick in a bounce-back game? Yes, please. And look, they finally have some capable receivers again.

Vikings +9 vs. Packers: A heavy home dog in a National TV game, let's take a shot. Christian Ponder can't be any worse than Josh Freeman was last week. A statement game from Adrian Peterson would not surprise me.

Steelers -2.5 at Raiders: It's starting to look like the Steelers have circled the wagons and fixed their season. Roethlisberger over Pryor, I'm comfortable with that.

Rams +11 vs. Seahawks: Sometimes it's about going ugly and taking the side no one wants to take. This is one of those times.

-- Last Week: 1-4
-- Season: 11-24
-- Last Three Seasons: Very good, but no one cares

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