Throwing Darts: Don’t mess with Carolina

Won the final two picks last week. Otherwise, it was another trip through the meat grinder. Have fun, faders.

Browns +5.5 at Bengals: When in Ohio, when carried by a buzz of bees, take the points and the better defense. Cincinnati's losses on the defensive side are troubling, along with the continued use of The Law Firm.

Redskins +3.5 at Eagles: When's the last time the Eagles protected their house? Going over the hook is appreciated here. Washington certainly can move the ball; Alfred Morris is the most underrated back in football. The Redskins also come into this one with extra rest.

Texans -7 vs. Raiders: The Texans finally have an offense we can feel good about, and there's enough left on defense to harass Oakland's makeshift offense.

Saints -3 vs. Niners: Anytime you can spot a reasonable number with New Orleans at home, I'm in.

Panthers -2.5 vs. Patriots: I know, Brady, Belichick, bye week, got it. But Carolina's defense leaves a mark, and the home crowd will have an impact on a Monday night. So long as Cam Newton doesn't have a horrendous game, I fully expect the Panthers to win.

That's my contribution. If you have any stones, list your own picks.

-- Last Week: 2-3
-- Season: 16-35
-- Previous Three Seasons: Very good, but no one cares

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