Throwing Darts: The Brad Childress going-away present

Five Pick'em selections and one survivor opinion, those are the rules. Please share your own selections, and the rationale behind them, in the comments.

Saints -4 at Cowboys: For all the improvement Dallas has made since Jason Garrett took over, I still don't trust the defense. The Saints offense got its groove back in Week 10 and should be good for 30 or more here.

Vikings +2 at Redskins: If the Vikings hated Brad Childress as much as I think they did, they'll show something for Leslie Frazier this week.

Panthers +10.5 at Browns: Don't mess around, Carolina, just give the ball to your backs about 30-40 times and try to cover for us. I don't like the Browns offense nearly as much with Colt McCoy(notes) out of the mix; Jake Delhomme(notes) will make 2-3 mistakes at some point. Cleveland wins, Carolina keeps it cosmetically close.

Titans +6.5 at Texans: Jeff Fisher over Gary Kubiak, for starters, and Tennessee's defense is the best unit in this game. Titans can win this outright, no matter who the quarterback is.

Rams +4 at Broncos: Yeah, I pretty much take the Rams every week. The St. Louis loss to Atlanta was a lot closer than the final score suggests. Rooting against Josh McDaniels is always enjoyable.

Survivor: I was eliminated last week with Tennessee, as one of the last three in my pool. It still stings. You should have the Browns available to you and you should use them.

Last Week: 3-2 (31-22 season).

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