Throwing Darts: Baltimore at home, that’s so Raven

Twenty more darts to throw in the 2013 season; let's try to finish strong.

-- Ravens -6.5 vs. Vikings: Baltimore's defense has rallied nicely since the opening-week shellacking in Denver, and the Ravens also enjoy a notable home-field advantage. Minnesota's rushing defense is in a funk and everyone throws on them. Blowout potential here.

-- Rams +6.5 at Cardinals: The pesky Rams come to play, in chippy fashion, just about every week. Carson Palmer has some snappy fantasy numbers of late, but he's still capable of throwing games away - or keeping them competitive - on any given Sunday.

-- Niners -2.5 vs. Seahawks: As much as I love Seattle in general - I consider the Seahawks overwhelming NFC favorites - I want the more desperate team here, I want the more rested team here, and I love giving less than three in this spot. The Niners have something to prove after its last two embarrassing losses to the Seahawks (both in Seattle).

-- Saints -3 vs. Panthers: Another nod to a powerful home-field edge, and an open question of Cam Newton (sorry, kids, this is not an MVP candidate). The Saints looked awful at Seattle, sure, but I'll give them a pass - a lot of teams get crushed there. The dome cures a lot of ills for Payton and Brees.

-- Bears -1 vs. Cowboys: Even when Dallas wins, I find myself underwhelmed - the Oakland victory was nothing special, the Giants game could have gone either way, Minnesota hung around in Week 9. Picking the Bears on a Monday night in December just feels right, especially with this digestible number.

-- Last Week: 2-2-1 (miracle on 34th street)
-- Season: 21-42-2
-- Previous Three Seasons: Very good, but no one cares

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