Target Practice, Week 13: Nope, not jinxing anyone this week

This feature, while useful for fantasy purposes, has carried a curse this season. It's clearly a problem.

Whenever we discuss a player at the top, that guy is basically doomed in his next game. Last week, we gave the Target Practice Touch to Dwayne Bowe(notes), and he was shutout for the first time all year. No catches, no yards, no TD. Against a team that he roasted in Week 10.


Entering a critical week, it is not our desire to put the TP hex on any player. We'll simply inform you that the Week 13 target leaderboard appears below. This time, it happens to include the names of a few widely available players — guys who might theoretically help a fantasy owner late in the year. Not that we're officially endorsing any of them, of course. The purpose of this post is merely to display data; it was never meant to damage any of your fantasy assets.

Here are the grids, freshly scrubbed:



Photo via US Presswire

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