Target Practice, Week 11: The Gronkowski surge continues. Woe unto those who oppose him

That would be New England tight end Rob Gronkowski pictured above, pinwheeling into the end zone, scoring for the second time in Monday night's 34-3 win. Gronkowski finished with four catches, 96 yards and 21.6 standard points, dealing painful fantasy losses to a few of us. We shall speak no more of him ... well, except to note that he has a decent chance to break the single-season NFL record for TD catches by a tight end. Gronkowski already has 10 in as many games; the all-time record is 13.

If you scan the background of the photo at the top, just to the right of the yard-marker, you'll see a tiny li'l 83 on the opposite side of the field. That's Wes Welker, decoy. Many of us needed a big night from Welker, but he was harassed by KC, never targeted in the first half, uncharacteristically quiet. So it goes with receivers, even the elite guys. At least the knee issue didn't seem to trouble him. The Pats have a friendly rest-of-season schedule, so there's really nothing to fret about here. If you need to complain, please do so in comments.

No player blurbs in this week's Target Practice, I'm afraid, as I've been temporarily reassigned to off-blog tasks. We'll return to the usual format next Tuesday. As always, thank you for your limitless understanding and your unwavering support — especially you, Fitzy.

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Photo via US Presswire