Super Bowl Predictions, Yahoo Fantasy Staff

So, there's a big game coming on Sunday. You might have an opinion or two on it. Here's what the Yahoo Fantasy Staff has to say.

- Andy Behrens: Broncos 31, Seahawks 21

X-Factor: If the officials allow Seattle's DBs to play by 1977 rules — holding, grabbing, redirecting, assaulting — then maybe it's a game. But if the 2013-14 rulebook is the law of the land, Denver should run away.

Despite the fact that Peyton Manning has been terrific in cold weather in recent seasons, everyone continues to claim he struggles. I'm kinda looking forward to the destruction of that talking point.

- Brad Evans: Seahawks 20, Broncos 17

X-Factor: The hoopla surrounding Peyton Manning and Richard Sherman is the novice perspective. What will ultimately determine the outcome? Seattle’s play in the trenches. If Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett and Clinton McDonald keep No. 18 in the pressure cooker, the ‘Hawks hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

Additionally, I’m praying Joe Buck or Troy Aikman utters ‘marijuana’ on the broadcast. Not only would it spice up dullest TV team in the biz, it would win the Noise some cold, hard cash (+400 according to Bovada).

- Brandon Funston: Seahawks 26, Broncos 24

X-Factor: With Percy Harvin back, expect Seattle to be much more wide open and unpredictable on offense, including waking up their dormant read-option package.

You heard it here first: This is the last time you'll ever have a chance to see a Manning in a Super Bowl.

- Dalton Del Don: Broncos 24, Seahawks 21

X-Factor: This game will come down to whether or not Seattle can consistently pressure Peyton Manning.

It sure feels like backing Denver puts me on the "square" side rather than the "sharps," but Seattle is simply a different team away from home.

- Scott Pianowski: Seahawks 27, Broncos 23

X-Factor: Russell Wilson's improvisational ability is a major problem for Denver's injury-riddled defense. Wilson made two incredible ad-lib plays in the win over the Niners, plays that were largely forgotten by the end-of-game narrative that emerged.

Maybe no one can stop the Broncos offense, but Seattle's defense has the right pieces: deep and physical secondary, disruptive defensive line. You don't trick Peyton Manning, but sometimes you can beat him with execution - if you're lucky enough to have the right personnel. Seattle does. And Denver's scoring machine seems to be missing something in recent weeks; look at the modest point totals in the AFC playoffs, not to mention the shocking upset loss to San Diego.

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