Sunday night recap: Reid, D-Jax celebrate in mid-air (sort of)

When two teams combine for 83 points and 886 total net yards, as the Eagles and Giants did on Sunday night, then there's no shortage of highlights. But the play of the game – and the week, and arguably the season – was the sideline aerial chest-bump between Philadelphia coach Andy Reid and receiver DeSean Jackson(notes). It was magnificent.

You'll find the video here via beginning at the 5:12 mark. Do yourself a favor: View it. Bookmark it. Replay it when you're feeling put upon. It's that good. (Don't like it, NY? Then try limiting the opponent to less than 45 points).

The Eagles had just converted a two-point attempt, giving them a 14-point fourth quarter lead. In the moments preceding Reid's…um…leap, his eyes widened, his tongue emerged, MJ-style. Jackson overestimated Reid's vertical by approximately two feet. Andy seems to be more of a terrestrial chest-bumper. Nonetheless, everyone landed safely. Post-bump high fives were exchanged.

Those two have enhanced the quality of their coordinated celebrations brilliantly over the past two months. As you'll note in the image above, early versions of the chest-bump met with less success.

Reid doesn't excessively celebrate with just anyone, of course. You have to earn it. It helped Jackson's cause that he'd been the dominant figure in the game, catching six passes for 178 yards and a touchdown. He was totally uncoverable. D-Jax also had a 72-yard punt return score, on a play where the Giants coverage team did almost everything right. (Highlight). Right now, Jackson is as dangerous as any player in the NFL who isn't Chris Johnson.

Here are a few additional takeaways from the Sunday game, in no particular order:

Donovan McNabb(notes) is apparently just a two-down quarterback in the red zone. Michael Vick(notes) poached another short yardage TD, his third in Philly's past two games (two rush, one pass).

And if it's not Vick on the goal line, then it's Leonard Weaver(notes). He scored a late 1-yard touchdown and finished with just one fewer carry than LeSean McCoy(notes).

Ahmad Bradshaw(notes) is back, even if he's playing without any healthy ankles. He gained 101 total yards on 18 touches and broke the plane once. Bradshaw is a lot livelier than Brandon Jacobs(notes).

Jeremy Maclin(notes) reportedly tore his plantar fascia on Sunday. He's expected to miss one or two weeks, which should lead to heavier doses of Jackson and Brent Celek(notes), as well as additional looks for the moderately interesting Jason Avant(notes) and Reggie Brown(notes).


Photo via AP Images

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