Sunday Late Night Fantasy Chat: L.A. Story

When there's a Sunday Fantasy Chat based out of Chavez Ravine, the stars come out to play. This should be hotter than "The Merv Griffin Show" in Kramer's apartment. With the Dodgers and Cardinals as our backdrop, it's time to assemble for the greater good.

Fantasy baseball is the main topic for discussion, but the usual diversions of wine, women and song apply. Maybe we'll sneak in a football question, here or there, maybe we'll get philosophical. There's no set path, no set destination.

It's a later start for this week: 7:15 p.m. Pacific Time. When you notice the Dodger fans starting to prematurely head for the exits, that's your queue to come in here.

Make the jump for the chat applet. You've got five hours of tailgating time before we get to work.

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