Sunday Night Fantasy Chat: 8:30 pm ET

It's been a messy Sunday on the mound, a bad flop for pocket aces. A bushel of big-name hurlers were knocked around, and several save chances were frittered away. Crooked numbers all over the place.

Maybe Jered Weaver and Yu Darvish can make it all better; that's the Sunday night matchup in the stand-alone game. But the assignment isn't easy; Arlington is an offensive park (Weaver's career record is awful here), and the wind often streams out to right field. In any event, it's a good time for us to reconvene, talk a little fake béisbol,.

Of course we'll wander off the map regularly, discuss music, movies, drink and dessert. Anything to comfort our friends from the wreckage of the day. Let the game breathe a little bit, then amble on over. Mark your calendars for 8:30 pm ET.

Make the jump and you'll find the chat applet. Udon for everyone.

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