Sunday Night Fantasy Chat: 8:20 pm ET

It's a glorious Father's Day to absorb, with action all over the land. U.S. Open golf is winding down. Spain and Uruguay go at it on the pitch. The NBA Finals hits a critical Game 5, if that's your thing. And we've got the Giants and Braves to scout, Tim Lincecum against Julio Teheran - the struggling former phenom against a new kid on the block.

Sidle up with your Old Man, or Bossman Senior, and let's do this thing - let's rekindle fake friendships. We'll take some laps around the sandlots and there will be plenty of off-topic discussion too, that's what we do. Sip a drink, vote in a poll, make a joke, find a new middle infielder. First chat pitch is slated for 8:20 pm ET. You've got about five hours to get into character.

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