Replay: Sunday Fantasy Chat, All-Star edition

Yup, that is indeed a picture of Rickey Henderson, Kate Upton, and ... um ... well, I don't actually care who those other dudes are, so I'm not even gonna investigate. I think maybe they're both Jonas brothers, not sure. Let's just say that's Wily Mo Jonas on the left, Honus Jonas on the right.

Anyway, the whole point of using that image is to get you excited for the VERY SPECIAL ALL-STAR EDITION of the Roto Arcade Sunday fantasy chat. Because nothing builds all-star excitement quite like snapshots from the legends & celebrities softball game. The conversation begins today at 4 pm CT, and it goes at least 60 minutes. Questions are welcome on all subjects, but I'm probably only going to respond to those that deal with baseball & football.

Let's do this thing, you guys. Make the jump...

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