Sunday Fantasy Chat: Don’t Mess With Texas

It feels like we've had a heavy Texas focus with this chat in recent weeks, but there's no getting around it on this day. Arian Foster toasted the Titans. DeMarco Murray riddled the Rams. And in about 25 minutes, Game 4 of the World Series will get going in Arlington. (We've also got the Colts and Saints on tap, if you prefer to watch that one; I'll be flipping back and forth.)

Saddle up with your 10-gallon hat, Podner, and meet up at the moon tower. We'll talk Romo and Staubach, Campbell and Brazile, Biggio and Ryan, Craig McMurtry and Larry McMurtry. Share some Austin Stories, or tell us why Fantasy (and Reality) Bites. The fun starts at 8:30 pm ET*.

(* Fun not guaranteed. Your level of satisfaction may vary.)


Longhorn photo courtesy of Associated Press. Alright, alright, alright.

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