Sunday Fantasy Chat: Dazed and Confused Edition

You know what I like about these rookie outfielders? We get older, they stay the same age. (Yes they do, yes they do.)

We return to Texas for this week's Sunday Night Fantasy Chat. Party at the moontower. Full kegs (well, bring your own drinks), everybody's gonna be there (well, the Rangers and Rays). You ready to ditch the two geeks in the car and join us? Be a lot cooler if you did.

Crank up the Aerosmith, sign the commitment to your roto team, and slide on over at 8 pm eastern time. We'll discuss Lynn and Linklater, save chasing and Lincecum hazing, Redbirds and redheads. And watch the leather, man.

Chat applet is yours after the jump. Here's to a championship season in '76.

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