Sunday Fantasy Chat: Broncomania edition

Tonight we ride into the Mile High air; it's time to discuss the all-time Broncos quarterbacks. Round up the usual suspects: Craig Morton, Brian Griese, Bubby Brister, Norris Weese. And yeah, that guy in the above photo was pretty good, too.

Marty Schottenheimer was once asked what quarterback he'd choose if he had to win one game. "One game, I'd have to pick Joe Montana," Schottenheimer reasoned. "But if I had just one play, I'd take John Elway."

Okay, there are some current Broncos quarterbacks of interest. Maybe you want to take a shot at Kyle Orton, or wax poetic about Brady Quinn's days at Norte Dame. And then there's that No. 15 fellow they have – he's not a true professional quarterback yet, but he sure is exciting. And you might be bidding on him when the free-agent market opens this week.

Get on your throwback orange and we'll meet up at 8:30 pm ET. Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan provide the backdrop. Let's figure out this crazy football world, together.

Security has been notified: Dan Reeves is not welcome in our chat. That's a nod to you, Mr. Elway. Got my spine, got my orange crush.


Image courtesy US Presswire

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