Sunday Fantasy Chat: 9:30 pm ET

There's a lot to digest as we wind down a blistering Week 6. Comebacks and brickbats, surging New York teams, the logjam in the AFC East, the silence of the Niners. Worried about Darren McFadden or the Ravens defense? Excited about the Bucs or the Seahawks or the upstart Browns? Did Dez Bryant make your day or break your heart? Are you ready to name your next child after Bob Griffin? I'm here to help you sort it all out.

The chittering and chattering starts at 9:30 pm ET. Bring a good attitude, a room-relevant question and the drink of your choosing; I'll provide answers, clarity, inane polls and random comments. The Texans and Packers will provide the backdrop (with a baseball check-in now and then). When it's all over, we'll test everyone for concussion symptoms and then call it a night.

You have about an hour to get in character. See you soon. The chat applet is yours after the jump.

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