Sucking in the 70s: How I lost my semifinal games

The skill of fantasy football is making the playoffs. The luck of fantasy football is what happens to you once you're in the dance.

I spent plenty of time debating my Week 15 plays for the FF Semifinals. I'm not going to boast of any of the proper calls, today it's all about ruing the decisions gone wrong. Let's look at some of the red ink:

I had all week to ruminate about Maurice Morris(notes), Leonard Weaver(notes) and Kevin Faulk(notes) in the Friends & Family League. Called that wrong, it probably wasn't going to matter up against Scott Engel's juggernaut. That said, had I kept Chris Chambers(notes) in the lineup too, maybe we've got a game (I've still got Devin Thomas(notes), for whatever that means).

Had a gut feeling of Robert Meachem(notes) over Chad Ochocinco(notes), go where the points are (plus Carson Palmer(notes) had me worried off his stink bomb in Minnesota). Fortunately this miscue isn't going to cost me, that team has already advanced to the finals.

I've had a pretty good year with fantasy defenses but I didn't get a bonanza payoff from the Houston Texans (11 default points) or Seattle Seahawks (two points) this week. And so it goes.

Jeremy Shockey's(notes) zero might cost me one game. It's a deep league where we start two tight ends per week. I was considering a free-agent move but there wasn't a lot out there. I got home Saturday night about 10 minutes into the action - just in time to see that Shockey was on the sidelines, in street clothes. Thanks for nothing, J-Shock.

I'm positive I steered one person away from Joshua Cribbs(notes). I can't remember the other player in the question. Trust me when I say I'd rather be right in the advice I give out than in the advice I take myself.

Arian Foster(notes)? Didn't have him on a single team. You must have me confused with someone else.

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