Need steals? San Diego's Chris Young is here to help

Breaking news from the Dept. of Things We Should Have Told You Yesterday: Chris Young is scheduled to oppose Barry Zito(notes) tonight, so it's a good time to get any ambulatory Giants in the lineup.

As Dave Cameron wrote earlier this year over at Fangraphs, Young is worse at limiting steals than anyone else in MLB is at ... well, at anything. In four seasons with the Padres, Young has allowed 115 stolen bases in 121 attempts. Over the past three years, baserunners are 74-for-76 against him. That's an absurd 97.4 percent success rate. He's allowed 15 stolen bases already this year, the highest total in the majors. He finished atop the league in 2007 (44) and 2006 (41), too. The dude is 6-10 and his delivery is rather slow.

You'll recall that Dexter Fowler(notes) had five steals against Young in three-plus innings back in April. These were Ryan Spilborghs'(notes) post-game comments to the Denver Post:

"It was perfect," Ryan Spilborghs said. "We talked about it right before the game and I told Dexter, 'If you get on base with [Young] — because he's kind of slow to the plate — just go ahead and run. Just run until they stop you.' I don't think they ever stopped him. I think he's still running."

There are conflicting views about the strategic value of the stolen base, but it's tough to argue that you shouldn't run when the likelihood of success is greater than 95 percent. Emmanuel Burriss(notes), we're lookin' at you. Just find a way to get on base.

It's no easy trick to stream for stolen bases, but you can definitely pick on Young. Tim Wakefield(notes) (5/19 vs. TOR), Gavin Floyd(notes) (5/22 vs. PIT), Kevin Millwood(notes) (5/21 at DET), and Daniel Cabrera(notes) (5/21 vs. PIT) are generous as well, but they're not quite in Young's class.


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