Starting Nine: Steroids, trade rumors and batting average

Nope, haven't changed the name yet. "The Front Nine" is kinda nice, but it also encourages golf. Other commenter suggestions that won't be used: "Sausage Links," "Behrens Droppings," "Fans of Caddyshack 2" and "Mantasy Notes." Thanks for trying, though.

Bill James broke his silence on PED use and the Hall of Fame. If you hadn't noticed that he was silent on this topic, that's OK. To the best of our knowledge he also remains quiet on the following debates: Sharks vs. bears, umbrellas vs. awnings, "Baby I'm-A Want You" vs. "Make It With You." Speak up, Mr. James, or risk irrelevance. But the PED piece is an excellent read. [ACTA Publications, pdf]

In other steroid news, Tracey Morgan accuses himself of juicing, sort of. [CBS]

The White Sox are quietly involved in the Matt Holliday(notes) bidding, according to secret sources. Many closers could be on the move as well: Sherrill, Qualls, Capps, Downs, Cordero. [Gordon Edes]

Eriq Gardner wants you to know that there's still hope for your fantasy team's batting average. He also makes an important point about the hidden costs of chasing steals. [The Hardball Times]

John Dewan is (or was) chatting over at Sons of Sam Horn. [SoSH]

Terrell Owens offers a raw, moving tribute to the Taco Bell dog. [Twitter]

If you were hoping to spend your day watching Stephon Marbury watch himself in a full-length mirror, then,'s your lucky day, sport. [Ustream]

The Red Sox have reportedly been "very aggressive" in pursuing Adrian Gonzalez(notes), but their advances have been stiff-armed. [Sean McAdam]

This is why you don't leave early. Just feed the kid whatever it wants. What a nightmare. [Maggie]


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