Staff Predictions For The 2013 NFL Season

Roto Arcade

Finally, the 2013 NFL season is upon us, but just before opening kickoff, here are some final predictions from the Roto Arcade crew:

Brandon Funston:

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NFC Championship: Seattle vs. SF
AFC Championship: Denver vs. Houston (that's probably chalk, but these four seem to be heads and shoulders above the others)
Super Bowl: San Francisco over Houston

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MVP: Peyton Manning
DPOY: J.J. Watt
ROY: Tyrann Mathieu (editor’s note: I didn’t specify whether this to be offensive or defensive)
Fantasy MVP: LeSean McCoy
Fantasy LVP (biggest bust): Trent Richardson (can't handle heavy workload – breaks down)

Props: The bet I'd take to the bank is Steve Johnson at Under 950.5 receiving yards – no way, not with that QB mess. And speaking of QB mess – give me Rex Ryan (-200) being fired or resigning before Week 17.

Andy Behrens:

NFC Championship: Green Bay at Atlanta
AFC Championship: Cincinnati at Denver
Super Bowl: Atlanta over Denver

MVP: Drew Brees
DPOY: J.J. Watt
ROY: Markus Wheaton
Fantasy MVP: Jamaal Charles
Fantasy LVP: Trent Richardson

Scott Pianowski:

NFC Championship: Seattle over Green Bay
AFC Championship: New England over Denver
Super Bowl: New England over Seattle

MVP: Aaron Rodgers
DPOY: Patrick Peterson
ROY: Eddie Lacy
Fantasy MVP: Dez Bryant (and I own him nowhere, makes me sick)
Fantasy LVP: Arian Foster (bust)

Props: Vikings under, Chiefs over. I have a feeling everyone and his brother is on those sides.

Brad Evans:

NFC Championship: Seattle vs. Chicago
AFC Championship: Houston vs. Denver
Super Bowl: Seattle over Houston

MVP: Russell Wilson
DPOY: J.J. Watt
ROY: Eddie Lacy
Fantasy MVP: Drew Brees
Fantasy LVP: Jamaal Charles

Props: RGIII goes all Adrian Peterson on the NFL, defies his doubters and tallies a combined 4,500 yards and 30 TDs. Knowshon Moreno emerges from the Denver RB fray by Week 2, asserts himself as the primary rusher and finishes inside the position's top-24. Kenbrell Thompkins outperforms Danny Amendola on an overall basis, hauling in 80 catches for 1,050 yards and 7 touchdowns.

Dalton Del Don:

NFC Championship: San Francisco over Seattle (this was a coin flip for me)
AFC Championship: Pittsburgh over Denver
Super Bowl: San Francisco over Pittsburgh

MVP: Peyton Manning
DPOY: Luke Kuechly (J.J. Watt is obviously the heavy favorite, but I’ll mix it up)
ROY: Eddie Lacy
Fantasy MVP: LeSean McCoy (but if you want to base it off ADP, then I’ll say Ben Tate)
Fantasy LVP: Arian Foster

Props: My favorite long shot bet I made this year is the Panthers winning the Super Bowl at 40/1 (I’ve recently seen this as high as 66/1 in some places, which is frustrating). Clearly I like Pittsburgh more than most, and I backed it up with a couple of futures bets, including them winning the Super Bowl (22/1) and winning the AFC North (9/5).

Over/Unders: I loved the KC Over when the lines were first released, but their juice got too out of control fast. I made five O/U bets this year, and I hope you're sitting down, one was Pittsburgh Over 9.5. The others I went with were the Seahawks Over 10.5, the Vikings Under 7.5, the Chargers Under 7.5 and the Raiders Under 5.

My final prediction is that a lot of these predictions will look spectacularly wrong six months from now. Enjoy the 2013 NFL Season, gamers.

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