Shuffle Up: Wil Myers finally gets the call; two Cargos rule the world

The outfield is the fun place to do some roto shopping, with something for every budget and discerning eye. And from a sheer volume perspective, it's the most important offensive position to negotiate. Let's dig into this expansive area.

What we're doing is ranking the players for expected 5x5 roto value the rest of the season. What's happened to this point is merely an audition. Don't worry about the prices in a vacuum; what really matters is how the commodities relate to one another on this list. Players at the same cost are considered even.

I reserve the right to tweak this list in the first 24 hours of debut, and I'll add comments shortly. Your intelligent and respectful disagreement is most welcome, but be sure to defend your arguments. Win that debate, win that rank.

And please remember the golden rule of Shuffle Ups: no player gains (or loses) 15-20 percent of value simply because you roster him.

Enough preamble, game on:

$31 Carlos Gonzalez
$31 Mike Trout
$29 Adam Jones
$29 Andrew McCutchen
$27 Chris Davis
$25 Justin Upton
$24 Jose Bautista
$23 Allen Craig
$22 Giancarlo Stanton
$22 Alex Rios
$22 Carlos Gomez
$20 Jay Bruce

A lot of pundits looked at Gomez's breakout from 2012 and scoffed, wondering how he could make due with a healthy strikeout rate (21.7) tied to a hacking bias (just 20 walks). Well surprise, surprise - Gomez has just about identical walk and strikeout numbers in 2013 and yet he's still crushing it. The lofty .370 BABIP has to be taken with skepticism (although his elite speed gives him a minor float there) and no one treats Gomez as a legitimate .317 hitter. That said, everything else in his game - power, speed, defense - is legitimate. Welcome to the big time, kid.

And yes, I know he's a Gogo, not a Cargo. Don't let it ruin your day.

If you told me ahead of the season Bruce would have a .360 BABIP and 28.5 percent line-drive rate, along with a .302 average against lefties. I'd wonder if he worked into the MVP discussion. Alas, Bruce's fly ball rate has fallen off the map (down about nine percent) and he's swinging and missing almost 14 percent of the time. Still a nice player, but you should have one (maybe two) better outfielders on your roster.

$19 Jacoby Ellsbury
$19 Mark Trumbo
$19 Carlos Beltran
$19 Domonic Brown
$19 Matt Carpenter
$18 Matt Holliday
$18 Shin-Soo Choo
$18 Nelson Cruz
$18 Hunter Pence
$17 Adrian Gonzalez
$17 Yoenis Cespedes
$17 Jason Heyward
$16 Alex Gordon
$16 Austin Jackson
$16 Dexter Fowler
$15 Josh Hamilton
$15 Yasiel Puig
$14 Desmond Jennings
$14 Ben Zobrist
$14 Coco Crisp
$14 Starling Marte
$14 Nate McLouth

The unheralded part of McLouth's reinvention season: he's swinging and missing just 2.8 percent of the time. And his chops on the basepaths are especially appreciated this year, given how speed is down around the league.

$13 Michael Bourn
$13 Michael Cuddyer
$13 B.J. Upton
$12 Nick Swisher
$12 Martin Prado
$12 Nick Markakis
$10 Wil Myers
$10 Brett Gardner
$10 Josh Reddick
$10 Norichika Aoki
$10 Kyle Blanks

I fully understand why fantasy players stashed Myers or grabbed him this week, but my general stance on any buzzy rookie is to keep both feet on the ground. Sure, Mike Trout happened last year, but remember he didn't do a lot in his 2011 callup. Normally my plan with any heavy-reputation prospect is to try to deal them the moment they get the promotion - let's take advantage of unrealistic expectations if they're out there.

The Rays have some complications for the Myers rank: a congested roster and a pitcher-favoring park. That said, we have to assume they recalled him with the aim of using him regularly. Myers was ranked the No. 4 prospect in all of baseball this winter by both Baseball America and, and his two-year run in Triple-A speaks for itself: .296/.369/.538, 38 homers, 136 RBIs, even nine steals. But hitting in the majors is pretty damn hard, and the world is filled with 22-year-old elite prospects who need some time to figure it out at the highest level.

Your witness, tell me what you're expecting here. Who's the best outfielder you'd move for Myers right now? Who's the lowest outfielder you'd take back for him in a swap?

I know Prado is driving his owners crazy, but his BABIP is low while his line-drive rate is stable: that screams out "buy low" to me . . . I expected more from Aoki in Year 2: his average and OBP are where we thought, but the power has dipped and he's lost his way on the bases (6-for-13, after a terrific debut). I wonder if there's an undisclosed injury here.

$9 Todd Frazier
$9 Alejandro De Aza
$9 Adam Dunn
$9 Gerardo Parra
$9 Kelly Johnson
$9 Michael Morse
$9 Angel Pagan
$9 Garrett Jones
$8 Melky Cabrera
$8 Shane Victorino
$8 Josh Willingham
$8 Matt Joyce
$8 Jayson Werth
$7 Torii Hunter
$7 Alfonso Soriano
$7 Lorenzo Cain
$7 Colby Rasmus
$6 Michael Brantley
$5 Daniel Nava
$5 Vernon Wells
$5 Chris Carter
$5 Tyler Colvin
$5 Will Venable
$4 Andre Ethier
$4 Ben Revere
$4 Jason Kubel
$4 Brandon Moss
$4 Trevor Plouffe
$3 Ichiro Suzuki
$3 Carlos Quentin
$3 Mike Carp
$3 Marcell Ozuna
$3 Dayan Viciedo
$3 Jon Jay
$3 David Murphy
$3 Denard Span
$3 Raul Ibanez
$3 John Mayberry
$3 Cody Ross
$3 Drew Stubbs
$3 Michael Saunders
$3 Seth Smith
$3 Rajai Davis
$3 Marlon Byrd
$2 Juan Pierre
$2 Alex Presley
$2 Emilio Bonifacio
$2 Nate Schierholtz
$2 Justin Ruggiano
$2 Lucas Duda
$2 Peter Bourjos
$2 Ryan Raburn
$1 Chris Young
$1 Logan Morrison
$1 Leonys Martin
$1 Jayson Nix
$1 Chris Denorfia
$1 Andy Dirks
$1 Jeff Baker
$1 J.D. Martinez
$1 Delmon Young

Courtesy Injury Ranks - Not for debate
$27 Ryan Braun
$20 Matt Kemp
$18 Bryce Harper
$11 Curtis Granderson
$11 Carl Crawford
$8 Corey Hart
$6 Adam Eaton
$5 Cameron Maybin

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