Shuffle Up: What now, Nick Foles?

Shuffle Up: What now, Nick Foles?
Shuffle Up: What now, Nick Foles?

You should know the rules by now, gamers. These are not Week 10 rankings; rather, they are look-ahead ranks as if your fantasy season started right now. What's happened to this point is an audition, nothing more.

Assume a standard-scoring format. Players at the same price are considered even.

We tackle the quarterbacks and wideouts this week. Running backs and tight ends will return in Week 11.

$30 Peyton Manning
$29 Drew Brees
$26 Matthew Stafford
$25 Cam Newton
$24 Philip Rivers
$23 Tony Romo
$22 Tom Brady
$20 Robert Griffin
$19 Andy Dalton
$18 Russell Wilson
$18 Andrew Luck
$18 Nick Foles

The key thing to remember with Foles: he's only played poorly once this season, the Dallas game, and that's basically an excused absence (likely concussion that day). Working with DeSean Jackson is a good start, Foles clearly clicks with Riley Cooper, and you also have the impact of Shady McCoy and obviously Chip Kelly. This looks like a breakout year to me . . . Maybe Rivers doesn't have the pinball upside of some of the others here, but the floor is groovy when you consider San Diego's awful defense (and pass defense) forcing the issue on the other side. And don't underestimate the value of Danny Woodhead to this passing offense - finally, Rivers has a satellite replacement for Darren Sproles.

$17 Matt Ryan
$15 Colin Kaepernick
$15 Ben Roethlisberger
$14 Case Keenum
$13 Jay Cutler
$12 Terrelle Pryor
$11 Jake Locker
$10 Eli Manning
$10 Ryan Tannehill

Ryan might be a decent buy low at the moment. The Cardinals deserve some credit for his awful showing in Week 8, and while Ryan had some loose picks in the Carolina loss, he also completed 20-of-27 passes and gained 8.1 per attempt. If the Falcons can get anything back from Roddy White long-term (I'm not making a bet on that Week 10), there's fantasy upside here. Don't forget how horrendous the Falcons rushing attack is . . . After watching the Matt Schaub Pick Six Reign of Terror, it's so nice to see Keenum on the field, moving in the pocket, challenging the intermediate and deep regions of the field. And it's awfully fun to watch Andre Johnson be relevant again . . . Pryor makes a splash play now and then and it gets your attention, but keep in mind he has just one rushing touchdown and he's 32nd in red-zone pass attempts. It's still a work in progress.

$9 Jason Campbell
$9 Joe Flacco
$8 Carson Palmer
$8 Alex Smith
$6 Mike Glennon
$6 Geno Smith
$3 EJ Manuel
$2 Chad Henne
$2 Seneca Wallace
$1 Matt Cassel
$1 Michael Vick
$0 Matt Schaub

I don't see much of a point of ranking Aaron Rodgers; there's a wide range of outcomes with him. You probably expect a speedier comeback than I do. The value you place on him is largely dependent to your standing, roster space, plausible winning path. This game is all context anyway, but more so with this type of commodity. Do what you like . . . It's far too early to say what Glennon is and what he isn't, but at least he's credible enough to give Tampa Bay a chance on offense on a weekly basis - these guys, at least theoretically, now have a shot at 20-plus points against most teams. We couldn't say that during the Josh Freeman days earlier this season.

$33 Calvin Johnson
$31 A.J. Green
$31 Brandon Marshall
$29 Dez Bryant
$25 Demaryius Thomas
$24 Wes Welker
$24 DeSean Jackson

Some pundits are going out of their way questioning the Welker touchdown explosion, but if you can't beat em, join em. The Broncos realize that success in the red are and at the goal line doesn't necessarily have to come through size and power. Welker's lateral agility make him just about uncoverable on short option routes (and combination pick plays). If teams had an easy way to stop this, we'd have seen it already. And then there's the opportunity angle: Welker is first in the league (or tied for first) in red-zone targets, inside-10 targets and inside-5 targets. Good work if you can get it.

$23 Vincent Jackson
$22 Andre Johnson
$21 Eric Decker
$20 T.Y. Hilton
$20 Pierre Garcon
$19 Jordy Nelson
$19 Josh Gordon
$19 Antonio Brown
$19 Keenan Allen
$18 Torrey Smith
$18 Victor Cruz
$17 Cecil Shorts
$17 Alshon Jeffery

Nelson might be the hardest player to rank in the entire exercise. Obviously Mike McCarthy is a credible offensive designer and Seneca Wallace will probably show improvement after a week of first-team reps. But the drop-down from Rodgers to a lifetime journeyman is going to be felt. As much as I love Nelson's skill set, his rapport with Rodgers - and the precise ball location Rodgers routinely delivers - leads to a lot of those lengthy catch-and-run plays . . . Shorts is fourth in the league in targets and now Blackmon is out for the year.

$16 Larry Fitzgerald
$14 Riley Cooper
$13 James Jones
$12 Golden Tate
$11 Harry Douglas
$11 Aaron Dobson
$11 Terrance Williams
$11 Roddy White
$10 Danny Amendola
$10 Denarius Moore
$10 Kendall Wright
$10 Mike Wallace
$10 Steve Smith
$10 Rueben Randle
$10 Emmanuel Sanders
$10 Hakeem Nicks

Of all the Patriots who went off in the Pittsburgh win, Amendola is the guy I'd want to sell. Let's not forget the concussion history here, and the lack of touchdowns in St. Louis. I get it, Brady is obviously a significant upgrade from Sam Bradford. But Amendola is never going to be the focal part of this passing game, either . . . Nicks turns 26 in January, but you'd never know from the tape. Where's the separation? . . . I'm surprised to see a lot of fantasy owners worried about Terrance Williams, who finally had a quiet game after four straight weeks of touchdowns. Miles Austin is probably done for the year and we know Jason Witten isn't a big red-zone factor any longer. Heck, even Dez Bryant is dinged up. Williams isn't someone you can get for nothing, but I suspect his general price might be less than his true value. Tell your opponent you want to trade for a receiver, see if they steer you to Williams.

$9 Marvin Jones
$9 Anquan Boldin
$9 Percy Harvin
$9 Dwayne Bowe
$8 Michael Floyd
$8 Lance Moore
$8 DeAndre Hopkins
$7 Kenny Stills
$7 Steve Johnson
$6 Marques Colston
$6 Marlon Brown
$6 Mike Brown

Keep both cleats on the ground with Harvin. He was a high-maintenance player in Minnesota, after all, and obviously he's yet to play in 2013. The Seahawks still have a Week 12 bye, so he can't help you then. Harvin won't play in Week 10, either. And is this the type of offense that's going to heavily target anyone on a consistent basis? Be careful when you walk by the wishing well.

$5 Jerricho Cotchery
$4 Kris Durham
$4 Darrius Heyward-Bey
$4 Jarrett Boykin
$4 Greg Jennings
$3 Brandon LaFell
$3 Doug Baldwin
$3 Eddie Royal
$3 Cordarrelle Patterson
$3 Michael Crabtree
$2 Brian Hartline
$2 Dexter McCluster
$2 Ted Ginn
$2 Vincent Brown
$2 Tavon Austin
$2 Donnie Avery
$2 Robert Woods
$1 Julian Edelman
$1 Chris Givens
$1 Nate Washington
$1 Austin Pettis
$1 Tiquan Underwood
$1 Jerome Simpson
$1 Greg Little
$1 Stephen Hill
$1 Miles Austin
$1 Rod Streater
$1 Leonard Hankerson
$1 Santonio Holmes
$1 Randall Cobb
$0 Kenbrell Thompkins

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