Shuffle Up: Nolan Arenado makes the leap

Today's Shuffle Up assignment is the men on the corner, first base and third base. Don't ask where Mike Trout is; he's an outfielder, kids. Assume a 5x5 scoring system, still the best way to play.

What's happened to this point is only an audition; the goal is to figure fantasy value from Monday-forward. I'm currently cruising at 30,000 feet, so you're getting just the prices for now. Your respectful, intelligent feedback is always welcome in the comments.

Remember the golden rule to all this, gamers – a player doesn't pick up 15-20 percent of bonus value merely because you roster him. Try to stay level-headed. And if you feel someone is too low (or too high) in the rankings, suggest what other companion ranks you would adjust to get the order where you like it.

Don't obsess over the dollar amounts in a vacuum; mostly, they're used as a tool to show how the players relate to one another. Commodities at the same price are considered even.

Anyone with catcher eligibility was left off this list: they'll be ranked in their own positional section.

$32 Miguel Cabrera
$30 Paul Goldschmidt
$30 Freddie Freeman
$28 Albert Pujols
$27 Joey Votto
$27 Adrian Gonzalez
$27 Jose Abreu
$26 Prince Fielder
$24 Evan Longoria
$24 Adrian Beltre
$23 Josh Donaldson
$22 Edwin Encarnacion
$22 David Wright
$20 David Ortiz
$18 Matt Carpenter
$17 Mike Napoli
$16 Justin Morneau
$16 Allen Craig
$16 Pablo Sandoval
$16 Brandon Belt
$15 Eric Hosmer
$15 Victor Martinez
$15 Brandon Moss
$15 Nolan Arenado
$14 Matt Adams
$14 Aramis Ramirez
$14 Anthony Rendon
$13 Kyle Seager
$12 Michael Morse
$12 Chris Colabello
$11 Anthony Rizzo
$11 Pedro Alvarez
$11 Adam LaRoche
$10 Billy Butler
$10 Nick Swisher
$10 Brett Lawrie
$10 Todd Frazier
$10 Ryan Howard
$10 Daniel Murphy
$9 Jedd Gyorko
$9 Lucas Duda
$9 Emilio Bonifacio
$8 Martin Prado
$7 Xander Bogaerts
$7 Trevor Plouffe
$6 James Loney
$5 Matt Dominguez
$5 Garrett Jones
$5 Justin Smoak
$5 Marcus Semien
$4 Will Middlebrooks
$4 Mark Teixeira
$4 Ike Davis
$4 Alberto Callaspo
$4 Jose Uribe
$4 Adam Dunn
$3 Chris Johnson
$3 Mike Moustakas
$3 Kelly Johnson
$3 Corey Hart
$3 Mitch Moreland
$3 Casey McGehee
$3 Mark Reynolds
$3 DJ LeMahieu
$2 Yonder Alonso
$2 David Freese
$2 Chris Carter
$2 Lonnie Chisenhall
$2 Mike Aviles
$2 Mike Olt
$2 Yangervis Solarte
$1 Cody Asche
$1 Juan Francisco
$1 Lyle Overbay
$1 Gaby Sanchez
$1 Ian Stewart
$1 Sean Rodriguez

Here are the courtesy ranks for the injured players. They're not for debate; injury wait-for players are of a highly-variable value. I tend to expect less from injury returnees than most pundits and owners. If you carry higher expectations, that's lovely.

$19 Chris Davis
$16 Manny Machado
$13 Mark Trumbo
$11 Ryan Zimmerman
$10 Michael Cuddyer
$8 Chase Headley
$3 Kevin Kouzmanoff
$3 Adam Lind
$1 Conor Gillaspie

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