Shuffle Up: A kind word about Stephen Drew

You might be in the market for a new middle infielder, given the Biogenesis Bomb that dropped on Monday, so it's a perfect time to roll out the Middle Infielder Shuffle Up. Your second basemen and shortstops live here, ranked for rest-of-2013 fantasy value.

Alex Rodriguez suspended for 211 games for Biogenesis ties

Usual rules apply. Assume a 5x5 scoring system, and players at the same price are considered even. Your intelligent and respectful disagreement is always welcome; win the debate, win the rank.

Please remember the golden rule of roto: no one gains or loses 15-20 percent of bonus value simply because they're on your roster.

Begin the begin.

$30 Robinson Cano
$29 Dustin Pedroia
$28 Troy Tulowitzki
$26 Jean Segura
$26 Jason Kipnis
$25 Matt Carpenter
$23 Brandon Phillips
$23 Hanley Ramirez
$22 Ian Desmond

Carpenter lives on base and covers four positions, making him a fantasy overlord for our purposes. Run-scoring players seldom go into slumps, provided they have a way to get on base when they're not hitting (Carpenter clearly does - 46 walks, .379 OBP). Look at that delicious consistency in the run column for the first four months: 21-21-18-19. Carpenter should eventually develop into a 20-plus homer source, too.

$20 Kyle Seager
$19 Ian Kinsler
$18 Jose Reyes
$17 Ben Zobrist
$15 Jose Altuve
$14 Chase Utley
$14 Aaron Hill
$13 Martin Prado
$13 Starlin Castro
$13 Jimmy Rollins
$12 Elvis Andrus
$12 Howie Kendrick
$11 Jed Lowrie
$11 J.J. Hardy
$11 Nick Franklin
$10 Asdrubal Cabrera
$10 Alexei Ramirez

Kinsler's home line is good, not great, in 2013: .288/.374/.423, four homers. And if he's not dominating in the Arlington undertow, we can't treat him as a fantasy overlord. Don't forget Kinsler turns into an ordinary player on the road through his career: .240/.311/.398 slash. Throw in the injury concerns and you have a clear case of the production not matching up to the brand name.

$9 Daniel Murphy
$9 Andrelton Simmons
$8 Kelly Johnson
$8 Brett Lawrie
$8 Michael Young
$7 Rickie Weeks
$7 Stephen Drew
$6 Dan Uggla
$6 Marco Scutaro
$6 Erick Aybar

Drew wasn't healthy all spring, so his horrid April came as no great shock. He's been useful in the 65 games since: .264/.342/.468, with eight homers, 31 runs, 35 RBIs. Any spot in the Boston lineup is a tasty place to be, even the bottom third where you'll find Drew. He's not going to be the star we expected in the Arizona days, but he's a smart add if you were hit by the suspension bug this week.

$5 Neil Walker
$6 Jedd Gyorko
$6 Gordon Beckham
$5 Brian Dozier
$5 Brandon Crawford
$5 Alcides Escobar
$5 Eric Sogard
$5 Anthony Rendon
$5 DJ LeMahieu
$5 Jonathan Villar
$4 Zack Cozart
$4 Omar Infante*
$4 Jurickson Profar
$4 Dee Gordon
$3 Yunel Escobar
$3 Mike Aviles
$3 Ryan Raburn
$3 Mark Ellis

There are plenty of holes in Villar's game: the .216/.322/.275 slash speaks for itself, and he's struck out 21 times in 51 at-bats. But if he's going to run like a madman, we can live with the fleas. Villar already has nine bags on 11 attempts, a ratio that earns trust and the green light going forward. Rabbit, run.

$2 Alexi Amarista
$2 Jose Iglesias
$2 Dustin Ackley
$2 Adeiny Hechavarria
$2 Derek Jeter*
$2 Brad Miller
$2 Logan Forsythe
$1 Didi Gregorius
$1 Pedro Florimon
$1 Emilio Bonifacio
$1 Daniel Descalso
$1 Maicer Izturis
$1 Ed Lucas
$1 Yuniesky Betancourt
$1 Jayson Nix
$1 Skip Schumaker
$1 Jeff Keppinger
$1 Jordy Mercer
$1 Miguel Tejada
$1 Donovan Solano
$0 Darwin Barney
$0 Pete Kozma

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