Shuffle Up And Keep: Jimmy Graham, then everyone else

Our keeper league Shuffle Up series continues with a look at the tight ends. These are not strictly 2014 ranks; the idea is to look ahead a few years and consider the value for keeper and dynasty formats. That said, my personal objective in any keeper league is always the same: find a way to win right now, the season dead ahead. Even in formats that are based around tomorrow, I'm playing for today.

The dollar values are unscientific; they're presented merely as a way to rank the players against one another. Players listed at the same value are considered even.

If you missed the quarterback part of the program, click here. For the tight ends, continue along.

$29 Jimmy Graham: In the prime years, no one close to him.
$24 Vernon Davis: Underutilized at times but bottom line still pretty.
$23 Julius Thomas: How many Manning years are left?
$23 Rob Gronkowski: There is no right answer on this surgery magnet.
$22 Jordan Cameron: Help should be on the way - can't be much worse than 2013.
$19 Greg Olsen: Even if this is the plateau, a good landing spot.
$18 Jordan Reed: One of the few positives from a Washington train wreck.
$17 Jason Witten: He's missed just one game as a pro.
$15 Martellus Bennett: Won't ever be the main focus but can improve on 2013.
$13 Zach Ertz: Scored five times after Halloween (once in playoffs).
$13 Ladarius Green: The waiting is the hardest part.
$12 Dennis Pitta: Hip injury ruined likely breakout; let's double down in 2014.
$12 Kyle Rudolph: Just 24, gets a pass for messy season.
$12 Antonio Gates: Hobbled through full season but others took hold of offense.
$11 Tyler Eifert: Logjam of skill players here, but has a chance to be special.
$11 Dwayne Allen: Has a higher upside than Fleener.
$10 Coby Fleener: Expanded playing time exposed a lot of his flaws.
$10 Charles Clay: A solid base of skills but not an elite talent; how will new staff use him?
$9 Tim Wright: Undersized for position, but sometimes that's to your advantage (less dirty work).
$9 Rob Housler: Carson Palmer isn't elevating him to greatness.
$8 Delanie Walker: Nifty breakout year, but he's 30 in August and not a primary piece.
$7 Jared Cook: Sometimes you're better off walking away from the yearly tease.
$5 Heath Miller: Lost a bunch of touchdowns, but otherwise the 2013 numbers were in ballpark.
$4 Jermaine Gresham: Solid skills but it's crowded here.
$4 Garrett Graham: From age alone, more interesting than Daniels.
$4 Joseph Fauria: Seven touchdowns on 18 catches is absurd. Next up: work between the 20s.
$4 Jermichael Finley: Bad hands are legendary, but he's been unlucky too.
$3 Marcedes Lewis: Showed some kick in final third of season.
$3 Luke Willson: Workout wonder should see expanded role soon.
$2 Mychal Rivera: Decent debut given what he was working with.
$2 Scott Chandler: A few touchdowns should return as QB play improves.
$2 Brent Celek: When you're not the best tight end on your own team, we can't be optimistic.
$2 Owen Daniels: Upside was never that much, now it's gone for good.
$1 Jeff Cumberland: Averaged 15.3 yards a grab, nifty in this toxic offense.
$1 Ryan Griffin: Take a bow, Londonderry.
$0 Brandon Pettigrew: Fill in your own drop joke here.
$0 Zach Miller: Gets some cheap production from the scheme, but no plus abilities.
$0 Brandon Myers: Move from Oakland didn't spare him from turmoil.

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