Shuffle Up: Choose your sophomore, Mike Trout vs. Bryce Harper

The outfield is the fun place to go shopping in fantasy baseball. Power, sure, you'll find it here. Plenty of guys run. A few players do everything. And the two most exciting young position players in the game happen to reside here, too. Everyone likes picking out their outfield.

The goal today is to rank all the mixed-league worthy outfielders going forward in 5x5 fantasy value, 2013 only. Don't read too much into the dollar values in a vacuum - they're merely used as a tool to compare players. And when commodities share the same price, they're considered even. (Players on the DL and minor-league prospects are not eligible for ranking.)

I reserve the right to tweak this list as the day goes along, and I'll add extra commentary as the day goes along. You're welcome to offer intelligent disagreement anywhere you see fit, just respect the room and defend your arguments and viewpoints. Win the debate, win the rank.

And as always, remember the golden rule: a player doesn't gain 15-20 percent of bonus value merely because you roster him. Game on.

$37 Mike Trout
$36 Ryan Braun
$36 Carlos Gonzalez
$35 Bryce Harper
$34 Andrew McCutchen
$33 Matt Kemp

All the context clues I've seen thus far suggest that Braun won't be suspended, no matter what MLB truly wants. But I'm not going to say it's a zero percent chance, either. Your risk tolerance with big-ticket items breaks the tie. … Even if Trout gives a fair amount of power back, he's still going to be a five-category gatherer and someone with a very high floor. Harper's power upside is higher, it's always been that way. Lineups? I'd prefer the Angels there, though Washington could have the deepest group in the National League. Both players have a devil-may-care attitude while on defense, something I'd like to see less of (at least from a selfish fantasy perspective). I don't see any obvious wrong answer here. … I've accepted that I simply like Kemp less than most people do. He's off surgery and I'm not confident he'll be interested in stealing bases through the middle portion of his career.

$31 Giancarlo Stanton
$31 Justin Upton
$30 Jose Bautista
$28 Yoenis Cespedes
$28 Adam Jones
$27 Jason Heyward
$27 Josh Hamilton
$26 Jay Bruce
$25 B.J. Upton
$24 Allen Craig

Any part of the Atlanta outfield sounds good to me, especially at their ages, but Bossman Junior has to rate the lowest for now with the batting average risk. Heyward in theory has a profile that could lead to .300 seasons. The elder Upton can't make that claim. … The one flaw against Jones last year came with runners in scoring position, but that sort of thing tends to be more fluke than fact when you jump from season to season. Remember what they used to say about Cano in New York? I see a tools-versatile player in the prime of his career, and enjoying a favorable batting slot on a team that should score a bunch of runs. Sounds good to me.

$23 Matt Holliday
$22 Jacoby Ellsbury
$21 Ben Zobrist
$21 Austin Jackson
$20 Alex Rios
$18 Adrian Gonzalez
$18 Alex Gordon
$17 Shin-Soo Choo
$17 Martin Prado
$15 Desmond Jennings
$15 Chris Davis
$14 Carlos Gomez
$14 Melky Cabrera
$13 Josh Willingham
$13 Mark Trumbo
$13 Norichika Aoki

Aoki became a lot more comfortable running in the second half of 2012, the clear adjustment of a foreign player learning his new league. I had trouble landing him early in drafts last month, despite my appreciation of the player, but the market relaxed and offered some good deals in the last two weeks. … Bump Prado up an extra buck for his position flexibility, though he's still a very difficult call. His power is never going to be elite, and while he did give us a healthy chunk of stolen bases last year, he's probably not going to be a volume play at that position - it's just a side dish to his game, not a primary piece.

$12 Michael Bourn
$12 Nelson Cruz
$12 Todd Frazier
$12 Angel Pagan
$12 Nick Swisher
$12 Michael Morse
$11 Shane Victorino
$11 Carl Crawford
$11 Andre Ethier
$11 Michael Cuddyer

It's a shame Cuddyer no longer has the juicy 2B tag, but he still turned into an Ibanez All-Star discount this spring, a boring veteran player that you could acquire on the cheap. For different reasons, the same tag applies to Ethier.

$10 Josh Reddick
$10 Coco Crisp
$10 Jayson Werth
$10 Dexter Fowler
$10 Alfonso Soriano
$9 Carlos Beltran
$9 Alejandro De Aza
$9 Ichiro Suzuki
$9 Nick Markakis
$8 Brett Gardner
$8 Ben Revere
$8 Adam Dunn
$8 Torii Hunter
$8 Jason Kubel
$7 Hunter Pence
$7 Dayan Viciedo
$7 Cameron Maybin
$7 David Murphy
$7 Michael Saunders
$6 Matt Carpenter
$6 Trevor Plouffe

Carpenter might not be heavy on the category juice, but he'll at least push into double digits in homers and he qualifies all over the map. … Plouffe's power spike last year looked real, and I'm willing to write off the final quarter crash landing on a thumb injury. You're also getting a bushel of position flexibility here.

$5 Juan Pierre
$5 Starling Marte
$5 Domonic Brown
$5 Jackie Bradley Jr.
$4 Emilio Bonifacio
$4 Lorenzo Cain
$4 Carlos Quentin
$4 Gerardo Parra

Brown has been jerked around before by the Phillies, so I'm not locking in any strong assumptions here. Sure, I'm curious. But this is just a preferred lottery ticket right now, a partial-scratch that could be a winner - not something we can lock in yet. It is fun to chase after the pedigree, however, especially when the post-hype discount comes into play. … Pierre keeps himself in terrific shape and has always been a superb contact player. He'll find a way to steal 30-35 bases, as per usual. This is why you don't pay the premium for the Michael Bourns of the world; you can get 80-90 percent of the profile later.

$3 Garrett Jones
$3 Chris Heisey
$3 Denard Span
$3 Collin Cowgill
$3 Jon Jay
$2 Leonys Martin
$2 Drew Stubbs
$1 Chris Young
$1 Aaron Hicks
$1 Chris Parmelee
$1 Rick Ankiel
$1 Justin Ruggiano
$1 Nate McLouth
$1 Jeff Francoeur
$1 Peter Bourjos
$1 Andy Dirks
$1 Justin Maxwell

It pains me to have Ruggiano down here, but I don't run the Marlins. Maybe Saunders will wind up being the player I hoped Ruggiano would be in 2013, affordable category juice.

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