Shonn Greene having first useful fantasy day since, um … maybe the ’09 Outback Bowl

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When Shonn Greene carves up your defense for 91 yards and a touchdown in just one half of football, you might have a problem stopping the run.

Greene entered the day averaging just 2.9 yards per carry this season, generally looking zombified and expendable. But he steamrolled the Colts over the first two quarters on Sunday, crossing the goal line from 10 yards away on this run. Give Greene credit for identifying the running lane, hitting it hard, then dragging defenders into the end zone.

But the takeaway here is something you may have already known: Indy can't stop much of anything. That defense ranks No. 26 against the run, giving up 135.8 rushing yards per game and 4.7 per carry. Trent Richardson gets to feast against the Colts in Week 7, then Chris Johnson, Reggie Bush and MJD dig in, Weeks 8-10.

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