Shocking: After three losses and five interceptions, Derek Anderson's job is at risk

At this point, it should actually be no surprise that many Browns observers are ready for the Brady Quinn era to begin:

Over his last eight games -- half of an NFL season -- (Derek) Anderson has a quarterback rating of 58.2. He has thrown nine touchdowns and 13 interceptions as the Browns have gone 3-5. With this season already lost, it’s time for the Browns to find out what they have in Brady Quinn.

It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to call Bill Cowher, and see if he has any plans for 2009.

The Browns are 0-3, they've scored only 26 total points in three games, and Derek Anderson's QB rating is 43.5. Cleveland gets the Bengals on the road in Week 4, and if Anderson struggles against that defense, he's in serious trouble.

He knows it, too:

"I expect more out of myself.," Anderson said "I expect more of everybody else on this team. I just have to calm down, so I don’t lose it (the starting job)."

The seven percent-owned Quinn is a nice speculative add today. Cleveland still has a few respectable weapons. We'd like to tell you to avoid Anderson in Week 4, but...well, it's Cincinnati. Still, he clearly has little margin for error.


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