Shocking: There’s more bad news about Kenny Britt

Tennessee Titans receiver Kenny Britt played two fantastic games to open the season in 2011, catching 14 balls for 271 yards and three TDs. But those two weeks might very well turn out to be the peak of this dude's career. The "News & Notes" section of Britt's player page has just been full of terrible blurbs ever since.

Here's the latest...

What's more, Britt was apparently taken into custody after attempting to enter a military base (Fort Campbell, Kentucky) at 3:30 am, while allegedly under the influence.

Now, obviously the appropriate time to operate a vehicle while intoxicated is NEVER, and the best place to drive while intoxicated is NOWHERE, but, well ... wow. A military base checkpoint. For me, that's a new wrinkle in this sort of NFL story.

This is Britt's eighth police-related incident since he entered the league in '09, so it would be stunning if he avoided suspension, if found guilty. And of course this thing isn't even the biggest issue impacting his fantasy value in 2012. Britt had ACL/MCL surgery on his right knee last October, then another procedure in May, then arthroscopic surgery on the left knee recently.

So we have to worry about the health of both of his knees, plus the legal trouble. Britt drops a bit further in the ranks each day, while Nate Washington and rookie Kendall Wright climb. [Note: This is where I would say something nice about Jared Cook, if I hadn't already been burned 57 times by Jared Cook.] Give Wright the biggest bump, as he'll likely see the biggest jump in playing time.

Under normal circumstances, I won't put a player on my do-not-draft list unless he's officially out for the year. But realistically, I think I'll always veer to another position whenever Britt's name sits atop the list of undrafted receivers. Before Friday's DUI news, he was being selected 28th at his position in recent mocks, in the general neighborhood of guys like Antonio Brown, Eric Decker, Torrey Smith and Robert Meachem. All four of those players are talented wideouts tied to respectable offenses, plus you'll never stay awake all night waiting for Jim Wyatt to tweet about 'em. There's no way I'm thinking about Britt while those names are on the board.

On this matter, I'm with Noise.

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