Shhh. The waiver wire will get interesting. Soon. Tell no one

When Ryan Braun and a few other prospects were added to the game last season, I may have mentioned it.

And while a few fantasy owners were probably helped by this information, none of them actually sent feedback. Or if they did, it was lost amid all the invective. Emails ranged in tone from mild disappointment to violent anger.

This wasn't totally unexpected. Many of you commit yourselves to daily maintenance of your fantasy rosters, it gives you an edge, and you don't need some quasi-expert dork announcing that Yovani Gallardo is on waivers. I get it.

But from the quasi-expert dork perspective, I'll offer this: we're trying to provide useful, game-specific, timely information to anyone who happens to be reading. When Braun was added to the player universe it was clearly the most important development in the Yahoo! fantasy community, so not mentioning it would have been gross negligence.

Still, I'd like to be sensitive to the subset of fantasy owners who use the "Waivers Only" sort every few hours. Here's all I'll say about waiver developments in the immediate future:

1) No one as useful as Ryan Braun is going to be there;

2) If you're looking for an NL corner infielder, Saturday might be a good day to browse;

3) If instead you're looking for an NL starting pitcher or an AL centerfielder, check back on Monday and/or Tuesday.

There's a behind-the-curtain process for adding players to the game, and it involves them being officially added to Major League rosters. That is all.

Can't imagine how the commenting here could possibly get ugly...

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