Roto Arcade Live, Episode 1

Yahoo! Sports Staff
Roto Arcade

Tuesday marks the official launch of our new weekly LIVE show hosted by Justin Phan featuring Matt Buser. We'll be running these each and every Tuesday for the remainder of the season, so join us as we break down the latest developments around the NBA. This week's installment kicks off at 7:30 pm PT, 10:30 pm ET. We'll bring on Yahoo! Sports' own Andy Behrens at the midway point to discuss the questionable hair stylings of Carlos Boozer, the various facial expressions of Derrick Rose, and everything else Bulls-related.

Also on the docket: trade deadline possibilities involving the Lakers and Magic, the developing dynamic between Jeremy Lin and Carmelo Anthony, and the sudden emergence of former Husky Isaiah Thomas.

Click 'Join Event' to participate in the chat and/or send in text/video questions. For optimal viewing, the show can be accessed directly at the Vokle site. Hope to see you there!

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