The rose goes in the front, big guy

No, the scrappy right-hander pictured here is not yet in the Yahoo! player pool. Apologies. Keep checking, though.

Note the long stride, the steely confidence, the drive off the back leg. He finishes in such good fielding position, too. If Chad Cordero's shoulder doesn't improve, perhaps No. 43 is a dark horse closer candidate.

Here's the latest on Cordero, from the Nats' website:

As for Cordero, he felt sharp pain in his shoulder during batting practice and immediately told the training staff. Cordero was given a cortisone shot and will rest for a few days.

Uh-oh. Rauch is still the appropriate add.

In other news, we're only 60 minutes from Meche-Verlander and Halladay-Wang. The Red Sox and A's aren't playing today, so find lineup alternatives if you can.