Relax, Rodgers owners. Green Bay still fighting for top seed

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The Packers haven't exactly been talking like a team that intended to rest starters this week, regardless of the playoff math. As Clay Matthews said on Wednesday, "We're going to play this thing to win."

But still, we always worry about a team's commitment to using its varsity roster when a game presents nothing but risk, with no potential reward.

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As it turns out, you have nothing to fret about -- except maybe the Bears' defense and the Packers' O-line -- if you've invested in Aaron Rodgers or Jordy Nelson or Jermichael Finley or any other Green Bay asset. The Niners edged Seattle on Saturday, 19-17,  so the Pack has not yet wrapped up home field in the NFC playoffs. With a win at Lambeau on Sunday, they'll clinch everything worth clinching. And Chicago is starting a McCown at quarterback, so, um ... yeah. Not too threatening.

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The Bears defense has actually handled Rodgers reasonably well over the past three seasons, which is to say he crushes them with slightly less force than he uses with other opponents. You'll recall that he tossed three TD passes to Finley back in the Week 3 win. If you need a contribution from a Packer in Championship Week, you'll probably get it. The team should be properly motivated. Matt Flynn can sit another week.

Gamers, on behalf of the Yahoo! fantasy team, I wish you a happy, healthy holiday. Here's hoping you run up the score tonight and tomorrow, then celebrate like a champion...

That's totally gonna be the picture on next year's Roto Arcade holiday card.

Be jolly, friends, and go get yourself a trophy.

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