Rapid React: Randy Moss signs with Niners, collective groan heard from Fantasyland

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Last week Randy Moss brought the heat in New Orleans, reportedly dazzling Saints officials with 4.40-forty speed. The possible marriage of Moss, despite his advanced age and often questionable prima dona attitude, with Drew Brees was certainly tantalizing.

This week, however, he threw the fantasy community a curveball.

On Monday night, the 35-year-old receiver agreed to terms on a 1-year deal to play with San Francisco. Yes, please, contain your enthusiasm.

This isn't the sexiest landing sport for the multi-time Pro Bowler. Jim Harbaugh's offense is predicated on ball control and Alex Smith doesn't exactly pump the juices. To be fair, the former No. 1 pick made strides last year fantasy-wise. Including the playoffs he notched seven 20-plus point fantasy performances. His accuracy and decision making were improved. However, he doesn't throw the prettiest deep-ball and often time holds onto the ball for an eternity.  With that in mind and because of the Niners' propensity to pound, it's likely Moss will likely deliver only mediocre WR3 numbers in deeper leagues. And that's assuming he stays motivated. Though unlikely, if San Fran hit the skids after a memorable season, a sulky-faced Randy, like the one pictured above, could again make a cameo.

At this point, easily seduced fantasy owners will likely extend their arms for the brand name. But until the Niners' passing game opens up — Harbaugh called "pass" just 45.4-percent of the time last season — Moss' ceiling might be comparable to what DeSean Jackson achieved last year (58-961-4). And that's probably a slight exaggeration. Consider him only after Round 10 come August.

What are your thoughts on the Moss signing? Would you consider him only as a late-round flier? Does this elevate Alex Smith into QB2 territory? Discuss.

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