Radio, Radio: Introducing the Yahoo! Fantasy Blitz

This year, we've rebranded Brad and Andy's weekly fireside fantasy chats. We urge you to seek out the Yahoo! Fantasy Blitz this weekend. You can find us on the following stations (and presumably others) thanks to our friends at Westwood Oneā€¦

Los Angeles - KLAC
Chicago - WSCR
San Francisco - KTCT
Boston - WEEI
Houston - KBME
Detroit - WXYT
Atlanta - WCNN
Seattle - KJR
Miami - WINZ
Orlando - WHOO
Sacramento - KHTK

Listen. Learn. Sing along. Time subject to the whim of the station.

If you happen to have a question for the hosts, you can always reach us at Or you can pester/stalk Brad via Twitter. Basically, we crave contact. Reach out. Maybe make a love connection, maybe ask a sit/start question.


Photo via Getty Images

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