Private Cash Leagues on Yahoo Fantasy Sports

Yahoo Sports Staff

It’s a headache fantasy commissioners know all too well. Chasing down that old college buddy to send you a check or stalking a coworker to give you the cash he promised he’d have last week. Collecting league dues and paying out at the end of the season can be a pain in the tight end. Starting this Fantasy Football season on Yahoo Sports, users will be able to pay their league dues in a seamless and easy way for free -- introducing private cash leagues.  

[Private Cash Leagues on Yahoo Fantasy Sports: Sign up today!]

Coming off the heels of our Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy announcement back in July, we’re excited to give our users something they have wanted for a long time.

With private cash leagues, commissioners will have the power to set the amount players owe for league dues and what the final payout will be at the end of the year. Yahoo will not take a transaction fee. Players can use credit card, Paypal or their Fantasy Wallet to pay their dues easily and seamlessly.  No waiting, no delay, just your reward for dominating your league. Already created a league? No worries, just head to the commissioner tools and create a Cash League contest for your league. Learn more.

Football preseason has already begun, so if you haven’t created your league, now’s the time. If you have a league, time to get those dues in before the season starts!