Pre-Closing Time: Jenks down, go get Dotel or Thornton

Psst, hey you, fantasy gamer. Step away from your Mike Sims-Walker waiver claim for the moment. We've got some last-second saves for you, baseball, you know, pennant race and all that.

White Sox closer Bobby Jenks(notes) suffered a right calf injury before Tuesday's game with Minnesota and the club has announced that he's done for 2009. There's a good chance Jenks could be done in Chicago, period; his deal is up and the Pale Hose have already dedicated a ton of cash to other players (hey Jake, hiya Alexis). Rather than get soaked in arbitration, the team might be better served dealing Jenks before the numbers get out of whack.

It remains to be seen how Ozzie Guillen handles the save chances over the last 12 days but two logical names jump out: righty Octavio Dotel and lefty Matt Thornton(notes). Dotel has the advantage of being right-handed and having previous closing experience, but Thornton's clearly having the better season. Pressed to pick just one guy right this second I'd go with Dotel, albeit game flow and matchups could easily determine who gets the chances and who doesn't.

I'm not factoring Scott Linebrink(notes) into the mix albeit you never know with Ozzie; Linebrink has been downright toxic in the second half (7.84 ERA, 2.18 WHIP). Ready for the rest of the Closing Time story from Tuesday night? Come join us over here.


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